License to Use the Product

Last updated on November 19, 2022.


If you purchase (or otherwise access, with our permission) a Product from us, then we automatically grant you a limited license to use the same in accordance with this license.

What You Can Do

The license we grant you to use the Product includes only the rights contemplated in this section.

You can:

  • Save and duplicate your copy of the Product for your own use.

  • Fill in the blanks in your copy of the Product for your own use.

  • Customize your copy of the Product for your own use.

  • Edit your copy of the Product for your own use.

  • For Products which are clearly intended to be displayed publicly (for example, a brochure template), you can display the same publicly, including any edits you make to the same.

  • Exercise these rights anywhere in the world, an unlimited number of times, with or without attribution to us.


What You Cannot Do

The license we grant to you to use the Product is limited.

You cannot do any of the following:

  • Share the Product with a third party, except as expressly permitted by us.

  • Make the Product publicly available to one or more third parties (for example, don’t make it available for download online).

  • Sell the Product, assign your license, or sublicense your rights in this license, to any third party.

  • Create any derivate work using all or any portion of the Product which is then shared, sold, or licensed, to third parties.

  • Take any action to indicate that you own the copyright to the Product.

  • Use the Product in any way which is libelous, slanderous, or otherwise defamatory, illegal, obscene, or indecent.

  • Use the Product in any manner not permitted in this license.

Payments for Sharing Paid Products

If you share a paid Product with a third party in a manner not permitted in this license, and that third party uses that Product or exercises any of the rights in this license without purchasing the same, then we may invoice you for such use at the then current purchase price and you shall pay the purchase price for that third party user.

Termination for Breach

If you breach any provision in this license, then we may terminate the license granted to you and we will not have any obligation to refund your purchase price. Upon such termination, you shall immediately cease all future uses of the Product and all rights granted to you in this license will automatically be revoked.


We Own the Products

Your purchase (or otherwise accessing) of a Product does not constitute any assignment or transfer of ownership of the Product (or underlying intellectual property to the same). For clarity, as between you and us, we own and will continue to own all Products and all underlying intellectual property, including copyright to the same.